JG HK416 AEG (Full Metal Version)



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Here we have a JG HK416 AEG (Full metal version).

It has a VFC HK416 pistol grip installed, which has a swept forward angle for better usage with the stock retracted, an ambi sling mount at the rear of the receiver and one of the original style HK416 stocks with looooads of space for batteries.

She’s also had the frontend reinforced substantially with steel epoxy as the JG HK416 frontends are known for developing wobble over time. No worries here, it’s solid as a solid thing now.

Internally, she’s got:

  • DLC Mosfet with Deans connectors
  • 300×6.03mm tightbore with MapleLeaf 50 deg Hot Shot hop rubber
  • BTU package (Sorbo, radius, AoE adjusted, new o rings)
  • 18:1 gears ss-2
  • SHS HT 16tpa neo motor
  • M100 spring
  • Drum style hop up unit and M nub
Included accessories:
  • PTS MBUIS (rear)
  • HK416 BUIS (front)
  • ACM foregrip (based on PTS EPG)

She’s been set up for CQB and is doing 340fps w/0.2g bbs @ 24rps on an 11.1 lipo, though if you want this adjusted up or down you can let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.
All Second Hand replicas sold are covered under the DLC 6 month warranty. T&Cs apply.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 110 × 30 × 12 cm