Sniper Rifles

Find yourself sneaking through the site, looking for that perfect spot to line up the perfect shot? Need your new bolt-action to shoot as good as it looks? Then you’re in the right place!

Have a look at our preset upgrade packages and get in touch!

All prices are inclusive of parts and labour fees but do not include postage or payment method fees (3.4% for Paypal, 5% for credit cards).

Range and Accuracy Package: £50+
(depending on model and barrel length)

Ever spent fifteen minutes slowly crawling through the thickest patch of nettles in existence to line up that perfect shot on some unsuspecting enemy player picking his nose in what he thinks is a safe bunker, only to pull the trigger and watch your BB go whistling way off to one side or bury itself in the dirt 10m short?

If you have, and you didn’t break your rifle in half over your leg before the marshalls could sedate you, you need this upgrade package.

One of our testbed VSR10s firing at 2.4J was able to put a 0.45g BB on a man sized target at 80m with every shot with this package.

This package includes the following services:

  • Installation of a Mapleleaf Decepticon or Autobot Hop-up Rubber of appropriate hardness (dependent on muzzle energy)
  • Installation of a DLC concave spacer to ensure even pressure across the top of the rubber
  • Installation of a Mapleleaf Crazy Jet barrel of appropriate length

Power and Reliability Package: £20-100+
(depending on model and power requirements)

When you really want to reach out and touch someone, having the best barrel and hop-up combo is only half the battle. You’ll need the power to get BBs out there, and the piston and sears to handle that power.

Every sniper rifle has different requirements, so it’s hard to put down a comprehensive list, but here’s the broad strokes:

  • Installation of upgraded mainspring (dependent on required muzzle energy)
  • Installation of upgraded sears or trigger unit (dependent on model and required muzzle energy)
  • Installation of upgraded piston (dependent on model and required muzzle energy)

R-Hop: £40

Do you want to eke out the utmost range out of your build? Not satisfied with being unable to fling BBs into orbit? Then you might want an R-Hop.

The R-hop is the ultimate hop-up system for lifting heavy BBs with the flattest and most consistent trajectories.

With an R-hop and a decent tightbore barrel, a 1.2J set up can easily put a 0.4g BBs past 65m.

Our R-hop builds are fully adjustable for all the common weights of BBs on the market from 0.2g to 0.5g, but we recommend using 0.36g and up with an R-hop, or you simply won’t see the benefit over one of our recommended MLCJ set ups.

Note: All R-hop installations will take a minimum of 2 weeks, as there is a testing regime which requires long ranges (60m+) and a bedding-in period.

Testing and bed-in period: The Sniper Rifle will be tested with BBs from 0.3g to 0.5g to assess range and accuracy. This is an absolutely necessary step, to properly install an R-hop it must be bedded in with a minimum of 300 rounds to ensure optimum performance.

This package includes the following services:

  • A deep clean of barrel and hop up unit
  • Custom cut and hand fitted R-hop and M nub installed
  • Testing and bed-in period (see above)

TDC Hop-up mod: £20-40
(dependent on model)

Need to have absolute control over your trajectory? Want to be able to fine-tune your hop-up to the nearest fraction of a millimetre? Got the dreaded VSR left-hand curve?

Then you need a TDC mod.

This package includes the following services:

  • Disassembly of the barrel group and hop up unit
  • Modification of the outer barrel and hop up unit
  • Installation of adjustment bolt
  • Reassembly of rifle