E&L AKs-74u AEG


E&L AKs-74u AEG

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Here we have a full steel E&L AKs-74u AEG.

This is a heavy, solid beast, with entirely steel externals. Solid doesn’t even begin to describe it, and the blued finish is gorgeous (though it will need more care and attention than your usual AEG).

Internally, she’s got:

  • Modified Level 3 upgrade (12:1 gears and a 16tpa Neo Motor)
  • DLC Mosfet with Deans connectors
  • M110 spring
  • 280×6.02mm ZCI tightbore barrel
  • Flat Hop and M nub
  • Sorbo, AoE, Radius and new O rings
Included accessories:
  • 5x midcaps (one pictured)
She’s been set up for woodland and is doing 370fps w/0.2g bbs @ 25rps on an 7.4V lipo, though if you want this adjusted up or down you can let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.
All Second Hand replicas sold are covered under the DLC 6 month warranty. T&Cs apply.