TM NGRS Upgrades

A DLC NGRS M4a1 with our NGRS Level 3 Package installed

Want your recoil shock to perform as well as recoil? Choose from one of our preset upgrade packages below or get in touch and we’ll put together a bespoke plan just for you!

All prices are inclusive of parts and labour fees but do not include postage or payment method fees (3.4% for Paypal, 5% for credit cards).

NGRS Basic Tune Up: £60

You have to start with the basics. Our NBTU package will give you a smoother, quieter NGRS with more consistent performance and improved reliability. This is the baseline that all NGRS AEGs should have.

This package includes the following services:

  • A deep clean and degreasing of barrel, hop up unit and gearbox components
  • Radius cuts on gearbox shell to prevent stress fractures
  • Installation of a sorbothane buffer pad onto the cylinder head to reduce impact stress
  • AOE adjustments on the piston to reduce stress on piston teeth
  • Properly shimming the geartrain and adjusting motor height
  • Replacing the piston O-ring with a high quality VITON O-ring and check compression train to improve efficiency
  • Application of high-quality silicone oil to gearbox components to improve efficiency and reduce wear
  • Replace stock plastic/brass bushings with solid steel bushings

NGRS Level 1 Upgrade: £90

The NBTU takes care of the mechanical baseline, but what about the electrical side of things? The NGRS Level 2 takes care of your zappy bits and will give your NGRS an improved rate of fire, trigger response and greater electrical efficiency so your batteries last longer.

This package includes the following services:

  • All the NBTU upgrades listed above
  • AEG will be rewired in 16AWG Alpha-wire with a TVS protected MOSFET
  • Deans connectors fitted, bypassing the original buffer tube contact system in AR-15 and HK416/7 pattern NGRS (AKA the Lipo mod)

NGRS Level 2 Upgrade: £140-180
(depending on barrel length)

Do you want more accuracy? How about more range?

Why not both? With our NGRS Level 2 package, you’ll see your groupings tighten up and your effective and absolute range increase!  Pair this upgrade with some good heavy BBs (we recommend 0.28g or 0.3g) and you’ll be amazed at the results.

This package includes the following services:

  • All the NGRS Level 1 upgrades listed above
  • Installation of an O ring air nozzle of appropriate length for optimum seal
  • Installation of a Mapleleaf Crazy Jet Tightbore barrel of appropriate length for optimum accuracy
  • Installation of a Mapleleaf Hotshot Hop up rubber and M Nub for massively improved range

NGRS Level 3 Upgrade: £250-300
(depending on barrel length)

Tired of waiting for your gearbox to spin up after pulling the trigger? Want your NGRS to have the snappiest trigger response possible? Want to have ultimate piece of mind that your NGRS will take anything you throw at it and keep ticking?

With our NGRS Level 3 package, you’ll get greatly improved trigger response and the added piece of mind of a piston and gearset that will outlast the rest of the gun.

This package includes the following services:

  • All the NGRS Level 1 and 2 upgrades listed above
  • Installation of an SHS High Torque Neodymium 16TPA Motor
  • Installation of a WiiTech O-ring nozzle for improved airseal
  • Installation of a WiiTech piston and steel gearset for improved reliability
  • Installation of a NGRS spring guide with thrust bearings for improved reliability

NGRS-DMR: £270-320
(depending on barrel length)

Want to really reach out and touch someone? Willing to give up full auto for that extra reach? Want to put the ‘marks’ in Designated Marksman’s Rifle? Need to go over the 1.27J maximum muzzle energy to get those long, long range shots?

You need our NGRS-DMR package. With a maximum of 2.5J of muzzle energy (the UK legal limit which we must abide by), we’ve seen some of our DMR builds land hits on targets up to 80m away.

With our DMR builds, we recommend using 0.3g BBs or heavier.

This package includes the following services:

  • All the NGRS Level 1, 2 and 3 upgrades listed above
  • Installation of an appropriate spring for requested FPS
  • AEG locked to Semi-auto only by modifying selector plate


Spring changes: £20

Do you need to lose a few FPS to get under the CQB limit for your indoor site? Has your spring started to get old and loose it’s omph? Need to give it a bit of a boost to get closer to the site limit?

Not a problem! Our Spring change service will be able to sort you out for a flat £20 fee, including the cost of the new spring. Whilst we’re in the gearbox we’ll also do a quick check up to make sure there’s nothing amiss.

If you are already getting one of the upgrade packages above and need the spring changed, simply let us know and it’ll only cost £10.

R-Hop: £40

Do you want to eke out the utmost range out of your build? Not satisfied with being unable to fling BBs into orbit? Then you might want an R-Hop.

The R-hop is the ultimate hop-up system for lifting heavy BBs with the flattest and most consistent trajectories.

With an R-hop and a decent tightbore barrel, a 1.2J set up can easily put a 0.4g BBs past 65m.

Our R-hop builds are fully adjustable for all the common weights of BBs on the market from 0.2g to 0.5g, but we recommend using 0.36g and up with an R-hop, or you simply won’t see the benefit over one of our recommended MLCJ set ups.

Note: All R-hop installations will take a minimum of 2 weeks, as there is a testing regime which requires long ranges (60m+) and a bedding-in period.

Testing and bed-in period: The AEG will be tested with BBs from 0.3g to 0.5g to assess range and accuracy. This is an absolutely necessary step, to properly install an R-hop it must be bedded in with a minimum of 300 rounds to ensure optimum performance.

This package includes the following services:

  • A deep clean of barrel and hop up unit
  • Custom cut and hand fitted R-hop and M nub installed
  • Testing and bed-in period (see above)

Computer Controlled MOSFET installations: £10-30
(depending on model of MOSFET)

Sometimes you want to really make your NGRS special. Maybe you’re wanting ultra-versatile burst modes. Maybe you want a hair trigger for your NGRS to match your cat-like reflexes. Maybe you just like having the best of the best of the best (of the best).

There are quite a few Computer controlled MOSFETs on the scene nowadays which can give you some or all of that. Some require replacing your entire trigger assembly, some install just like another MOSFET. Either way, we have you covered.

We can install the following Computer Controlled MOSFET units for you and do the initial set up so you don’t have to worry about pinching a wire or overheating a solder joint and breaking what can be a very expensive part:

External CC-MOSFET units: £10 plus MOSFET

  • Jefftron Processor Unit
  • GATE MERF 3.2
  • GATE Warfet

Internal CC-MOSFET units: £30 plus MOSFET

  • BTC Specter for NGRS gearboxes
  • GATE TITAN for NGRS gearboxes
  • ASCU for V3 gearboxes (can fit NGRS AK or G36k)
  • Jefftron for V3 gearboxes (can fit NGRS AK or G36k)

Have a MOSFET which isn’t on this list? Contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.