Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as outlined by the Consumer Rights Act (2015). If you have any questions about any of these terms, drop us a line and ask about it!

Build Times:

Our build times can and will vary – if all you need is a spring change and a deans connector, your job won’t take much longer than the time it takes to ship it to us and back. If you’re wanting a DSG build done, then it will take a bit longer.

When placing an order with us, you will receive, as part of your invoice, an estimated time to completion on your build (starting from when your replica is delivered).

If, as sometimes happens, unexpected delays occur (say, a particular barrel is out of stock and our shipment from the manufacturer gets delayed by a typhoon) we will contact you immediately and let you know.

As the specific nature of a specific build will affect the build time dramatically, we cannot give you a cast-iron guarantee of when your build will be completed. If you need your build for a specific date (say, you have a big important ultra-hardcore milsim you already bought tickets for), bear this in mind.


Our invoices are a quote for your build. You will receive a link by email to your personal invoice online, which will be kept up to date with any revisions that may occur (say, if you change your mind on what motor you want installed, or want to add an item to the list that wasn’t there previously).

Once payment has been made, your invoice will act as a receipt, and when your completed build is shipped back to you, a hard copy of the invoice will be sent with it with our shop stamp as certified proof for warranty purposes.


Payment will be taken up front through Paypal or Bank Transfer.

There may be additional fees from your bank which you will have to cover. Paypal usually takes a 3.4% fee for payment which we will calculate for you and put on your invoice before payment is taken.

If you are paying by credit card, you can use Paypal to complete a one-off payment with that card without having to open a Paypal account. However, we strongly recommend payment through Paypal as it adds another layer of protection for you and will speed up the process.

Payments from international customers must be sent in GBP (£).

Warranty Information

Every build will come with it’s own individual warranty. Most of our builds will be covered by a 6 month warranty for parts and labour as outlined on the final invoice sent with the build.

If you have any comments or concerns about the work carried out, you must contact us immediately. If you fail to notify DLCustoms about problems or concerns in the aforementioned time, your warranty will be void.

Any disassembly of the gun whatsoever (unless under explicit direction from DLCustoms) will void all warranties. This includes disassembly by both the customer and any third-party technicians.

The only exception to this is with GBB builds which require partial disassembly to adjust the hop-up or apply lubrication.

All DLCustom builds will come with tamper-evident seals on the gearbox and any other major components. Any breaking of these seals immediately voids the warranty.

The warranty does not include postage costs. However, we will help you get the best postage rates, so please contact us beforehand. If there is no fault with the build (say, your battery charger is broken and not charging your batteries fully, leading you to believe that the gun is faulty), we will still have to charge you for postage.

All airsoft guns require regular maintenance to ensure proper performance. This is especially important for upgraded builds.

All warranties require the end user to take these steps:

  • Only use unfired, high-quality 6mm bbs. If you’re not sure, contact us or stick to one of the brands we recommend: Tokyo Marui, G&G, BLS and Longbow.
  • The internals of the gun must be kept free of foreign objects or liquids – water, mud, dirt, broken or already-fired BBs etc.
  • Adjust the hop up in small amounts at a time, whilst test firing in semi auto. Start with the hop-up completely off and adjust upwards until the BBs are flying straight with a very slight upwards ‘bump’ at the end of it’s range.
  • The inner barrel must be kept clean to prevent internal scratches or blockages which can cause compression jams which can cause more internal damage.
  • GBBs must be occasionally lubricated with high-quality, lightweight 100% silicone oil. If you are not sure about the lubricant you need, contact us.
  • Cleaning the barrel is best done with a plastic cleaning rod with a strip of lint-free cloth wrapped around the tip soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol.
    Turn the hop up completely off and slowly run the swab through the barrel, replacing the swab if it gets too dirty. Repeat until the swabs come out clean.
  • If the firing characteristics change in any way, stop using the gun, remove the batteries/gas and magazine and contact DLCustoms ASAP.
    This includes (but is not limited to):
    – blockages or misfeeds
    – double tapping (IE: two or more shots fired on semi auto)
    – abnormal sounds like screeching or grinding
    – failure to cycle
    – smoke or excessive heat
    – uncontrollable firing (the so called ‘runaway’ gun)
  • If you notice the trigger response or rate of fire slowing down significantly, change the battery for a fully charged one. If the trigger response/RoF decrease is still evident, contact DLCustoms.
  • GBB rifles, SMGs and pistols will occasionally ‘gas out’ if the magazine or blowback chamber becomes too cold to allow proper gas expansion. If this occurs, allow the GBB and magazine to return to room temperature and refill the magazine/tank with gas and test fire. If the GBB still refuses to work correctly, this may be indicative of a fault and you should contact DLCustoms immediately.
  • DLCustoms only recommends Turnigy batteries. We will recommend specific batteries to you when your build is completed. Only high discharge batteries with C ratings shown on the label should be used, with a minimum of 25C, ideally 25-50C with a minimum total constant discharge of 30A.
  • Unless specifically noted on the invoice for the build, all DLCustoms AEG/NGRS builds are designed to use 7.4v Lipo batteries. Using anything other than the batteries recommended by DLCustoms will void the warranty and likely cause damage to the gun.
  • If using a Computer Controlled MOSFET unit, you must read the user manual for it before use. These manuals will be available online, and where possible we will email you a PDF copy with your invoice. In the case of faults, do a factory reset on the MOSFET unit before contacting DLCustoms as 90% of the time this will solve the issue.

Power limits

The UK Policing and Crime Act (2017) sets the legal output limits in the UK as 1.3J for Airsoft replicas capable of discharging more than one shot per trigger pull (ie: burst or full auto capable) and 2.5J for everything else (ie: Semi locked or bolt action).

As we are based in the UK, we must abide by these rules.

Cancellation & Returns

If you wish to cancel work on your build, you must do so within seven days of payment for a full refund, minus processing charges (3.4% in the case of PayPal payments, your bank may charge extra fees which you will have to cover). If you have already sent your replica to us, we will return it to you and remove the shipping fees from the refund.

If parts have already been ordered for the build, a restocking fee of 25% will be removed from the refund to partially cover the loss.

Cancelling a build outside of the 7 day limit will result in your replica being returned to you ‘as is’ along with any of the parts that have been paid for. If an outstanding balance is due, your replica and/or parts will not be returned until you pay the outstanding balance within 28 days. Should you fail to pay the outstanding balance, your replica and parts will be sold to cover the loss.