A blast from the past!

– DLCustom steel outer barrel (the original design has NO outer barrel at all!)
– DLCustom 14mm- short barrel threads
– 6.02x300mm ZCI stainless steel barrel
– Flat Hop and M nub
– DLCustoms 3034 AB Mosfet, rewired with Deans
– Sorbo pad on the cylinder head and rewired to Deans
– ARES CNC nozzle and cylinder head
– CYMA FMR piston
– G&G Ifrit Motor
– M110 spring

Does 1.2J @ 20rps on an 11.1v. The mechanical 3-rnd burst is finicky and required an AB mosfet to work consistently but for a gun that’s more than a decade old she’s not doing too bad!

Dry fire vid: