This is why I’m not allowed to drink Tequila.

CQB SR25 build, because why not?
– CA M110 AEG base
– Iron Airsoft 10″ URX3
– 9″ barrel
– Noveske Firepig
– DYTAC BCM pistol grip and stock
– PTS AEG ASAP plate
– MBUS sights
– T1 clone on a high mount
– Speed trigger
– SHS 16tpa Neo Motor
– 14:1 gears ss-3
– CA QSC 9mm V2.5 Gearbox with ambi controls
– CA 19t FMR piston/pistonhead
– CA CNC cylinder head and o-ring nozzle
– CA 200% PSG-1 spring
– MapleLeaf Crazy Jet 250mm tightbore barrel
– MapleLeaf 50deg Hot Shot rubber
– M nub
– DLCustoms 3034 Mosfet with Deans connectors

Does 0.95j on the dot @ 31rps on a 11.1v lipo, but still flings 0.28g bbs out to 50m no bother. It’s excessively loud, but that’s not a bad thing… 😀