RS Type 97 AEG

A blast from the past: A Real Sword Type97 AEG!

Pretty proprietary internals but of high quality nonetheless. It had a Prometheus 6.03x509mm tightbore inside with an R hop and M nub, a 16tpa neo motor, a sorbo pad and a passive braking mosfet.

Unfortunately, the gearset can’t be replaced so I could never quite get the trigger response I wanted out of it, though the incredibly strong body (these are literally produced on Norinco machines alongside the real steel ones) and good hop up unit meant I was pinging people at silly ranges.

The major complaint that these get is that the magazine changes are horrendous for anyone who isn’t left handed, but I fixed that with a modified AR15 ambi magazine catch which made it miles better.

In the end, though, it didn’t fit my playstyle and she’s with a new owner now.