KRYTAC 15″ M-Lok Ultra

A seriously souped up build based on a Krytac SPR:
Krytac base:
– Midwest Ind. Gen3 Mlok 15″ rail
– Gate TITAN
– AAC 30K motor
– Seigetek 14:1 gears ss2
– CYMA FMR piston
– Retro Arms CNC Piston head, cylinder head, cylinder and nozzle
– Retro Arms CNC Red trigger, selector, bolt catch and Magazine release
– Sorbo, AoE adjustment etc
– MLCJ 410mm barrel + rubber
– concave nub
– Red Castellan CNC M-lok foregrip
-VK 1.25-5x scope with one-piece QD mount

– PTS EMG x3
– PTS EPG-C grip
– PTS M4SDII QD suppressor
– PRS Griffin 14mm- Muzzle break
– PTS EPS stock

Does 30rps @1.1j on an 11.1v with a trigger response of 20ms!