My personal lightweight AR build!

Based on a DYTAC BCM carbine, it has nice engraved trademarks and a lovely Ceracote finish. I don’t baby my kit and tend to throw my stuff around, and the finish has a few nicks and dings here and there but for the most part, it’s held up great!

The DYTAC gearbox and lower receiver have a great quick-change spring mechanism that lets me swap springs out with a single screw, which I love as it means I can run this in CQB at <1J or in woodland at 1.25J.

I feed it with DYTAC’s new transparent HEXMAG midcaps, which I’ve tinted a darker grey to cut down on reflections. There’s a video review of those in the works, but they feed beautifully and the transparent versions are great as you can quickly see how much ammo you have left to get those tactical reloads in at the best times.

– DYTAC 13″ BCM base AEG (14.5″ barrel)
– DYTAC BCM GF pistol grip, keymod foregrip and B5 stock in WG
– DYTAC T1 replica on a QD mount
– PTS Gen 1 MBUS
– PTS ASAP plate
– RetroArms CNC trigger, bolt catch, forward assist, selector and selector cap in black
– FMA CNC ambidextrous magazine catch in black
– DYTAC BCM Muzzle break

– SHS 16tpa Neo Motor
– SHS 12:1 gears ss-3
– M120 spring
– DYTAC FMR piston and piston head with bearing
– Viton O ring
– G&P cylinder head with Sorbo
– DYTAC gearbox with QSC, radius’d
– G&P M4 air nozzle with O ring
– DYTAC Rotary hop unit
– Mapleleaf Crazy Jet 410mm barrel and 50deg hop rubber
– M nub

She does 1.25J @38rps on an 11.1v lipo and flings 0.28g bbs over 60m+ easily.