DBOYs K98k

One of the more unusual customer builds: A DBOYs K98k!

Usually, my method of making one of these skirmish worthy involves gutting it and fitting a VSR-10 inside but the customer wanted to keep the shell-ejecting system (I can understand why, it’s very addictive).

The rifle was detail stripped all the way down and the seals all replaced and seated properly with a touch of epoxy to stop them from wandering. Most importantly, a 455mm Mapleleaf Crazy Jet tightbore barrel and Mapleleaf Autobot Hop up rubber were fitted with some substantial modification to the hop up unit.

She now has a TDC hop up adjustment with the set-screw – it’s incredibly difficult to get a good photo of the breech but you can juuuust about see the hop up patch in the last photo.