An oldie but a goldie: My personal AR-10B!

Built off a CA AR10 with our in-house Bakelite finish on the furniture, she’s got a lot running under the hood:

– CA AR10 base
– CA AR10a2 front end
– CA AR10a2 carry handle
– CA A1 style pistol grip
– DLCustoms FakeLite paintjob
– PDI 6.01x455mm tightbore with a flat-hop
– Prowin hop up unit
– CA V2.5 QSC gearbox

– 9mm bearings
– CA SR25 airseal nozzle
– CA CNC V2 cylinder head
– CA SR25 full cylinder
– CA FMR 19t piston ss-4
– CA 200% PSG-1 spring
– Sorbo, radius, AOE, strengthened tappet return spring
– Siegetek 10.44:1 gearset
– Chaoli Blue Neo Motor (28tpa)

She’s putting out 1.25J @27rps on an 11.1v and she’ll put a 0.28g bb out to 60m+ easily.