Site Updates

The Custom Work page is now live!

We’ll be adding more to it as we go along, there’s a hell of a lot of backlog!

An update!

Just doing a few updates here and there to the site in the next few days, so don’t worry if something goes wobbly, it’ll be back up soon!

BaceFook is up!

Our FaceBook Page is now up!

You can find it by clicking the little FB logo at the bottom of the site, or by going here:


Our talented team of computer monkeys have been fettling and fixing away and we’re nearly 100% done. Just getting the photography monkey and the social media monkeys to put the final bits of polish on things and it’ll all come together…

Site progress: 90% done!

Our tech monkeys have been working tirelessly behind the scenes fettling code and typing until their fingers bled, but it’s paying off!

As of writing, the website is 90% complete, soon to be 100% complete.

This doesn’t affect our tech work though. We’re onto the 6th DMR AEG build of the month already…

Check back soon for more updates, snazzier photos and more information about us and what our favourite hats might be.